Pre School Music and Movement

Our pre school dance classes are imaginative and fun. They introduce children to dance and movement developing their gross motor skills using the natural actions of the body such as walking, running, jumping, hopping, skipping and galloping. It is structured to assist children’s physical development, co-ordination, spatial awareness, creativity and self-expression. Working individually, with a partner, or as a group these classes will also help to improve socialization and listening skills. In addition the children are introduced to simple ballet vocabulary. We take boys and girls from 3 years of age into our Pre School Music and Movement classes. If you would like your child to join us when they are three then please call and put their name on our waiting list.

Tuesdays – 15:30

Fridays – 13:00

Saturdays – 16:00

To book please call 01761 438885 option 3 or pop into our shop, Bath Dancewear in Fortescue Road, Radstock, BA3 3PH open daily (Monday to Saturday) from 9.30 – 5.00