Susan Hill School of Dancing

4 Fortescue Road, Radstock, Bath, BA3 3PH

Telephone: 01761 438885

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The Susan Hill School of Dancing both attends and hosts events throughout the year. This includes appearances at local carnivals and fetes, putting on our own musicals and our biennial showcase.  We pride ourselves in putting a strong emphasis on performance within the school and across our dance curriculum.

Whats Happening

Dance Company

Sue Hill Dance Company are a group of selected dancers that will be trained for a specific event.   Dancers are availa...

BDC Easter and Senior Summer School 2019

Dates to be confirmed shortly for 2019 BDC Theatre College Easter and Summer Courses.  Book early to avoid ...

35th Anniversary - 'A Tribute to Pearl'

Our 35th Anniversary show took place in February 2018. Our next show will be February 2020 at Bath Forum - Watch this sp...

Junior Summer School 2019

If you are interested in our 2019 Summer Course then please call us to register your interest and we will update you wit...